At Tortilleria Mi Niña®, we source our non-GMO White Corn from Rovey Seed Co. in Illinois.

Rovey Seeds is a family owned business operating for over 30 years. They take pride in their relationship with farmers and the quality of their products. They are invested in providing customers with consistent and quality grains and they utilize the latest cleaning and sorting technology. 

Video Credit: Boloco, globally inspired burritos


When we partnered up with local restaurant chain Boloco, they sent out an investigator to report on some of their ingredient sources.  Check out this amazing video as they travel to Farmersville, Illinois and then back to our old facility in Everett, Ma to watch their tortilla chips in production.  


We source our high quality oil from 5th generation family owned business, Catania Oils located in Ayer, MA.  As a consumer, you can be happy to know our chips are made by frying our freshly made corn tortillas in 100% Non-GMO oils.  We recently started using Sunflower Oil as our main fry oil because of its clean taste, stability, and nutritional value.  What this means for you? Our oils have no Trans Fats, no preservatives, and are higher in good monounsaturated fats than other oils.  Because of the high demand of Sunflower oil, it may become unavailable at times. When sunflower oil may not be available, we use Non-GMO project verified Non-GMO Canola oil. 

At Tortilleria Mi Niña® we are also concerned with our impact on the environment.  All of our waste oil is given to a local company to be turned into Bio Diesel.  


Non GMO Verified
Kosher Verified

At Tortilleria Mi Niña® we are committed to using the best ingredients. The Non GMO Project Verified seal indicates that a product has gone through the rigorous inspection and verification process as created by the Non GMO Project.  We decided to go through the process of becoming a Verified product so you as a consumer can rest assured knowing that our products are being produced following the best practices for GMO avoidance.  For more information visit the Non GMO Project website.   


The KVH Kosher seal means that we are certified Kosher under the guidance, training, and supervision of Rabbi Azriel Blumberg.  KVH Kosher is a division of the Rabbinical Council of New England, and one of the oldest Kosher Certifying Organizations.  For more information visit the KVH Kosher website.