Chef Jamie Mammano, Owner of Tortilleria Mi Niña®, with his daughter, the inspiration for our name and logo.


After years of enjoying fresh corn tortillas shipped by my mother-in-law from my wife’s home town in Mexico, I decided it was time to share real corn tortillas with the rest of New England.

In 2011, I opened Tortilleria Mi Niña®, the first tortilla bakery in New England that produces tortillas authentically from a true old world recipe, using only the best ingredients.

At Tortilleria Mi Niña®, we utilize the same techniques from the Aztec period. We cook whole grain corn with water and lime and we use hand-carved volcanic stones to grind the corn mixture - a process known as “Nixtamalization.”

We pride ourselves on staying true to tradition and I am grateful to be able to share my tortilla products with my family and yours.


Chef Jamie Mammano